Wednesday, August 9, 2017

BLACKPINK 1 Year Anniversary!

It was the 8th of August! The BLINKS have prepared a lot of surprises and gifts for their beloved girl group; some are expensive, some are time consuming, but all of them are of course amazing. Now my contribution is to write a blog for them, to at the same time experiment on my blog and share my love!

source: ygblackpink from tumblr

BLACKPINK introduced my love to K-pop

I remembered liking 2NE1's hit musics, but I've never been a big fan of other k-pop music, so when my k-pop loving friend rambled on about "fan war" or fangirling about a k-pop boy band, I can't never really join.Well, until... last year.

On December 2016 I found Lisa's picture in my IG's explore page and I was intrigued when I found out she's a K-pop idol from Thai! I am a South East Asian myself, and when I see a representation to a world I never knew I wanted in my life, I slowly gain interest.

I remembered having "Boombayah" as literally the first music I've heard on 2017 because I knew that BLACKPINK is going to be special for me. Slowly, until last month I started to listen to other K-pop idols like Red Velvet, EXO, and I'm starting to open up to BTS too. Family like K-pop group is my weakness!


Now, I'm not into idols or k-pop in general because it is mostly manufactured visuals, and I remembered hearing how difficult a life of a k-pop idol was and how many of them commit suicide. But I feel like the idols coming from YG entertainment just seem to have less.. pressure on them (compared to other companies.) Correct me if I'm wrong! But personally I find the members to have more personalities and they seem to genuinely be enjoying themselves. The fact that they post all of their dance practice and have their own youtube channel is another plus.

Also, most of the idols I know that came from YG seem to have a family bond with their members and it's very heart warming. I also love the fact that BLACKPINK have 4 members, making it an ideal, balanced number for a group; it's not too much, or too little.

Their latest MV "AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST"

I have to be honest at first it was a bit hard trying to distinct their voices, and I keep mixing them up. But really, Jennie's rap skill is to die for, Rosé and Jisoo's voices are amazing, and my bias: Lisa, whom I just adore with her charisma and dancing skills gives BLACKPINK the perfect chemistry.

I have to say that they're all really lucky to meet one another, and to be able to make hit songs, looking bad-ass and cute with the people you love, having no heavy pressure on dieting (based on their radio interview), debut in Japan, and all that in only one year! The international fans they've gathered are also breath taking.

Official Art by BLACKPINK

Well, they made some drawings during the days before the Anniversary. I love all of it (obviously). By far, Lisa's part is my favourite because I love how she colours. But.. maybe I'm being a little bit biased hahaha, JK, I just wanted to point that out. I love all of them.



Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Review: Scinic Goat Milk Moist Cream

Today's review is!! Scinic Goat Milk Moist Cream. It's one of the recommendation for goat/donkey milk line, and I am here to review it.

This is a cheaper alternative to TONYMOLY Premium Moisture Cream (24 USD), compared to Scinic Goat Milk Moist Cream (12 USD)


"The highly moisturizing cream containing New Zealand goat milk keeps skin moisturized for long hours by providing abundant moisture and by forming a moisture protective layer over dehydrated skin"

I do not have the box, as I had this for 2-3 months. The packaging was a milk carton and the container has a ceramic/glass material, so it almost looks like a traditional milk bottle. Sadly, it does not contain spatula. I know some people prefer it with one for hygienic purposes.
The minimalist design makes it practical for stacking though!
Packaging:  (3.5/5)

For those who likes to see the ingredients before purchasing, 
here is a link for the ingredients and the irritability level: link
It contains fragrance, so it might be offensive for some people.
I do not recommend this for oily or acne prone skin people too.
It might help for people with dry dull skin, though.

Head Ingredients: Goat Milk (50%), Cetearyl Alcohol, Niacinamide, Fragrance

Texture + Scent

The texture is very thick, and even when you apply a pea size amount, it is able to cover your entire face. The other thing is, it can feel like it sits on your face, much like a sunscreen. It does says that it will "provide moisture by forming a moisture protective layer over dehydrated skin". So I don't know what I expected.

The thing is though, it feels uncomfortable when you apply it on your nose, it's as if you help your blackhead from blocking your pores. If you're planning to purchase this and you have an oily face, I recommend to skip the nose.

For the scent, it has a mild baby powder smell. If you are sensitive with fragrance, I do not recommend this as it can be offensive for some people.
Irritability:  (3/5)

t h i c c


I have an oily - acne prone skin, so this is not a very good moisturizer for me. For people with dry skin, this cream might work for them. I only bought this out of curiosity and I needed a cream that contains niacinamide. Did it brighten my skin? Yes, slowly. Would I repurchase? No. But this was a fun experience, good for people that wants to try goat milk based moisturizer.

-Somewhat brightens your face by time
-Cheaper alternative to TONYMOLY
-Natural ingredients
-Doesn't break me out

-Feels heavy
-Takes time to sink in

 Also, remember: Just because it doesn't work for me, doesn't mean it won't work for you! 

Remember to invest in your skincare.

I recommend this for: People with dry skin, People that wants to try the goat milk line, People that wants to brighten their skin.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Review: Peripera's INK velvet | Celeb Deep Rose

To start the adventures of reviewing, I've decided to review a product that I already have: Peripera's infamous lip tint!

This shade is in Celeb Deep Rose, and you can purchase this for 8 USD on eBay!

The packaging is very practical, as it's very easy to carry around and has a hard matte material. It's also covered with a protective plastic to avoid scratches on the product. 
Overall, the packaging is very high quality and it's sealed good enough to prevent oxygen from drying the lip tint.
Packaging:  ★ (5/5)

Celeb Deep Rose has a red colour with orange undertone. This is perfect for people with warm undertones who wants a red colour lip tint that does not look too heavy. I find purple based red lip tint to look dull on me. This is suitable for everyday uses.

Most people love Peripera's INK velvet line for it's long lasting capability. The fading looks very natural and makes your lips look pink afterwards. The durability is probably around 3-4 hours before it slowly fades, even after eating or drinking. I might upload pictures of the fading progress in the future.
Durability:  ☆ (4/5)

OVERALL: 4.5/5

This line has mostly pros and I have nothing bad to say about it! This is one of the best lip tints out there and is very affordable for students like me. It's long wearing and can be used for months. Would I repurchase? Definitely!

I recommend this for:  students, people with warm undertones, and cool people on IG with asian aesthetic that needs some minimalistic materials for their posts.


Hello this is my first post! Hopefully I'll be able to update as often as possible.

In this blog, I will mainly post:
- Skincare reviews
- Makeup swatches/reviews
- Lifestyle (Thoughts, ideas, etc)
- Idols

And many more! It will be fun and informative, so stay tune ♡